What's Included In The Beats Collection?

I'm Mike author of this product. I produce music for 8 years now. I did my best to give you the best quality content. I'm a music producer like you and I use these sounds in my own production and also in commercial production for companies and other artists. 

Konrad Celiński helped me  a lot to make this collection. 50% of packs in this collection are made by him. Konrad is a profesional producer and OST Audio friend for a long time. This Collection is the result of 4 years of work. You can hear these samples in many popular songs with milion plays! 


Intimate lofi melodic samples blend with emotive vocals, fuzzy synths and saturated drum samples to create the warm sound of homegrown hip-hop instrumentals. If you’re into the lofi scene and aesthetic then you’ll know the vibe. 24/7 chilled youtube streams, beats to study to and jazzy nostalgic origins.

Discover LoFi Beats

A beautiful collection of catchy Synth Shots & Melodies, stylish ready to go Drums Loops & Shots sounds and of course amazing Vocals.Vocals were recorded by an incredibly talented singer from Texas and edited by OST Audio team. If you’re looking for something unique, created with great care, you’ve come to the right place.

Discover Premium Trap & RnB

Looking for fresh sounds for your beats? You’ve come to the right place. These sounds set new standards.All sounds are based on modern lofi so you can be sure that you will get powerful basslines, drum loops and incredibly inspiring melodies played on vintage instruments. Everything with the right dose of tape.Also, this pack includes a lot of great one-shots, drums, and melodic so you are able to create something amazing by yourself.

Discover Cyberpounk Serum

Is a Medasin style inspired sample pack. This pack is full of modern dusty sounds and catchy melodies. Our goal with this pack is to deliver a starting point for you to explore your creativity and encourage you to cast your musical net wider rather than thinking within the confines of a single genre like R&B, Hip Hop, Trap and so on.

Discover Freshly Squeezed

If you are looking for inspiration to create dark beats to perfectly match the atmosphere of October, this pack is for you.
This pack contains dark melodies, 808, basslines that can be the perfect basis for your next song. In addition, this pack also includes ready-to-use drum loops and drum one shots to create your own custom loops. You can also use spooky voclas and foley sounds to fill the song.

Discover Spooky Beats

Are you looking for something fresh and unique? This pack is for you! An unusual combination of Cyberpunk atmosphere and sound design with a trendy Trap. Like always we wanted to add something extra to this product. This time, you will receive a project template as a bonus. The project contains exactly what you can hear in the demo. Thanks to this, you will be able to get inspired and check the example uses of these samples.

Discover Cybertrap

a beautiful mixture of trendy, intelligent and groovy sounds in one package. This magnificent set of samples is provided and brings you only the hi-end samples.The library contains 222 MB of WAV files, with a wide variety of drum & musical loops and drum & bass one-shots.This collection will delight you with juicy drums, massive 808’s basslines, re-sampled organic sounds, lo-fi synths, dark bells, ethereal atmospheres. This library is perfect for producers, who make Trap, Hip Hop, Lofi RnB, Future Soul & any other related genres.

Discover Sublime Trap

Everything 100% Royalty Free

    • 305 WAV Drum Loops

    • 460 WAV Drum Shots

    • 141 WAV FX & Foley

    • 492 WAV Tonals Loops & Shots

    • 149 WAV Vocals

    • Midis & more

      • Bonus projects from Cybertrap works with:

      • Ableton v11 or higher

      • FL Studio v20.6.2 or higher

      • Studio One v5.1.1 or higher

      • Logic Pro v10.6.1 or higher

      • Cubase v11 or higher

      • 1,600 Files

      • 1,8 GB in total

      Example Sounds:

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      • 7 Full Packs
      • 1,550 WAV Samples
      • FL Studio Template
      • Ableton Template
      • Studio One Template
      • Logic Pro Template
      • Cubase Template
      • 1,600 Files In total
      • 1,8 GB of content
      • Lifetime Updates
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